Waste to Sustainable Energy: MFCs – Prospects through Prognosis


Edited By Lakhveer Singh, Durga Madhab Mahapatra
Edition 1st Edition
First Published 2019
eBook Published 13 March 2019
Pub. location Boca Raton
Imprint CRC Press
Pages 342 pages
eBook ISBN 9780429448799
Subjects Bioscience, Built Environment, Development Studies, Engineering & Technology

With no emissions and water as a byproduct, the globe could imagine a sustainable and resilient human kind that obliterates any possible chances of future climate change. With increased globalization, there has been an unprecedented escalation in production processes thus generating valued products and byproducts. A significant quantum of the waste materials generated can be transformed into fuels with the help of MFCs. MFC’s utilities would bring about a paradigm shift built on the principles of sustainability, encompassing closed loop biorefinery approach. A MFC’s bio-refinery ensures complete allocation of products and byproducts in various processes yielding zero waste. Such efforts would not only help in managing waste but also contribute to generation of renewable fuel and valued products that fosters sustainable development. To cater to the needs of the present challenges in waste management, bioenergy and bio product recovery and commercial sustainability, this book on MFCs will emphasize and throw light on various mechanisms, routes and reaction engineering approaches for complete transformation of waste to wealth.