Wind Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment


By Vaughn Nelson, Kenneth Starcher
Edition 3rd Edition
First Published 2018
eBook Published 14 November 2018
Pub. location Boca Raton
Imprint CRC Press
Pages 326 pages
eBook ISBN 9780429463150
Subjects Engineering & Technology

The utilization of wind power and other renewable energy sources has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Wind Energy, Third Editionexplores the wind industry from its inception in the 1970s to today; presents the design, aerodynamics, operation, control, applications, as well as different types of wind turbines. An overview of energy examines world consumption and use of fossil fuels, and includes a section on global climate change. It covers the characteristics of wind, such as shear, power potential, and turbulence, and discusses the measurement and siting of individual wind turbines and wind farms. It also discusses the political and economic factors regarding the adoption of wind as an energy source.



  • Includes updates throughout, and adds new material on wind forecasting, offshore wind, decommissioning and repowering wind farms, and more
  • Illustrates the need for a shift to renewable energy through discussions on energy use and the order of magnitude estimates for the lifetime of fossil fuels
  • Discusses the interconnection of wind turbines to utility grids, regulations on installation and operation, and the related environmental concerns
  • Presents important economic considerations for the development of wind farms
  • Provides an abundance of examples that highlight the real-world advantages of wind energy over fossil fuels