The University Library of the University of Žilina as a cultural, educational and informational institution, administers the university electronic library information system, it acquires, professionally processes, holds, protects and makes available home and foreign, scientific and professional information documents regardless of their form. It acts as a central, coordinating and consulting place of the University of Žilina and in the framework of its mission, it provides pedagogues, research workers, students of the University of Žilina and the public with library information services. The University Library provides complex library activities which are determined by the university needs and law – lending services, interlibrary loan system, international interlibrary loan system, bibliographic search services; it makes available electronic information sources; it builds its own electronic databases; it provides consulting services, retrographic services and scanning of documents; it organizes cultural and promotional events and lectures; it prepares professional activities within the Slovak Library Association of Libraries in the Academic Libraries Section.

The basic controlled professional activity of the Library is the acquisition of all types of information sources (printed documents, electronic media, electronic information sources) in such a form which reacts flexibly on the securing of information needs of users.

The goal of the activities is to steadily increase the contribution of the Library into the educational processes of the University by a continuous development and providing of electronic library services (e-accessibility of full texts of documents). The increase in proportion of this type of services requires a systematic building of information resources and an organized administration of e-accessibility of documents which the reader can access directly via the web page or on-line library catalogue.

Organisational structure

  • Department of acquisition and the organization of collections
  • Department of service and preservation
  • Bibliographic and information department
  • Department of development and user support

Department of acquisition and the organization of collections

  • acquisition and computer processing of library items
  • acquisition of specialized literature and other serials
  • catalogue of standards
  • advisory and methodical activities focused on the libraries of the departments and other institutes of UNIZA

Department of service and preservation

  • realization of lending process
  • providing loans in study rooms
  • providing interlibrary and international interlibrary loan service
  • acces to Internet
  • protection of library holdings
  • consulting
  • reprography

Bibliographic and information department 

  • information retrieval
  • online access to information – network services
  • processing of documents published by UNIZA workers into bibliographic database
  • home and international exchange of publications
  • lecturing and consulting

Department of development and user support

  • E- books and databases, digitization, digital repository
  • User support, research of public relations, marketing, website maintanance, Facebook page, propagation of projects and activities